The 9 Best Epoxy Resins for Deep Pouring

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Having a deep pour is an important quality of resin for a variety of epoxy projects. Whether you’re trying to perfect a homemade river table or cast artistic epoxy pieces, using deep-pouring resin ensures a smooth application. In addition to adding a creative touch to your epoxy projects, a thick pour improves the quality and longevity of your items to ensure the epoxy maintains its shine. If you’re searching for epoxy resins with a high viscosity, you have come to the right place. After years of testing and learning epoxy resins, I’ve put together a list of the 9 best epoxy resins for deep pouring for various projects.

1. EcoPoxy FlowCast

If you’re looking for an epoxy resin with pours up to 1.5 inches thick, the EcoPoxy FlowCast is the ideal resin for you. Made with eco-friendly ingredients, this product is beloved by many for countless projects. From river tables and ocean tables to deep pour applications in silicone molds, the EcoPoxy FlowCast allows users to cast 1/2 to 1.5 inches thick.

Because the EcoPoxy FlowCast casts thick pours, the epoxy boasts an incredibly strong bond and high durability. For this reason, this brand is excellent for large projects such as river tables, furniture, and other epoxy items. No special tools are required for crafting with EcoPoxy FlowCast epoxy resin.

Another beneficial feature of the EcoPoxy FlowCast is its transparency. Due to its incredible air release and low exothermic heat buildup, EcoPoxy FlowCast produces a clear, solid finish that resists stress cracking. Because the epoxy cures to a water-like appearance, the resin can be colored with one of EcoPoxy’s many pigments.

EcoPoxy is a high-quality brand dedicated to manufacturing bio-based epoxies made from annually renewable resources. In addition to using bio-based ingredients in their products, EcoPoxy is always improving and producing better formulas. In turn, you can always be guaranteed a high-grade, smooth epoxy finish.

2. Chill Epoxy Resin Deep Pour

When it comes to epoxies with deep pours, nothing quite beats the thickness of CHILL Epoxy Resin. CHILL DEEP POUR, manufactured by POLYMERES Technology, allows for pours between 2.0 to 2.5 inches thick. Furthermore, this epoxy may have a mass of 90 to 110 liters, depending on the design you’re casting.

While the CHILL DEEP POUR is excellent for a variety of projects, it is widely used for casting river tables. Its high precision and transparency ensure a glossy finish in a single casting. Moreover, the epoxy’s long lifespan allows users to mix several liters of resin at a time, and thus pour a large quantity of resin.

Known for its high quality, the CHILL DEEP POUR is extremely easy to use for numerous projects. Unlike other deep-pour epoxy brands that require fans and air conditioning to cure properly, the CHILL DEEP POUR features a controlled exothermic reaction for an effortless finish. The epoxy resin cures in 7 days without the need for cooling devices during the curing process.

Although CHILL DEEP POUR is slightly more expensive than other brands, its high-quality and unmatched performance makes it well worth the initial cost. No matter what project you’re working on, CHILL DEEP POUR will produce a glossy finish that lasts for years to come.

3. Ice Epoxy ICECAST

When casting epoxy resin with a thickness greater than 1-inch, Ice Epoxy ICECAST is my go-to product for thick applications. With the ability to pour up to 4-inches, ICECAST is ideal for casting, potting, and embedding applications. The low color and low viscosity allow for a bubble-free, crystal-clear appearance for a number of art and hobby applications.

The high quality of ICECAST is one of the many features that make this brand an ideal choice for a variety of projects. Not only is ICECAST resistant to bacteria and moisture, but it has excellent air release qualities and does not distort with age. What’s more, ICECAST is UV-resistant and features low VOC content.

Compared to similar products, ICECAST is an inexpensive epoxy that is extremely easy to use. Its strong adhesion and good fluidity guarantee a long-lasting, high-quality finish. Whether you’re casting an artistic river table or designing large epoxy furniture, Ice Epoxy ICECAST is an excellent option for projects requiring mass casting.

4. Mas Deep Pour Epoxy

If you are designing an ocean or river table, the Mas Deep Pour Epoxy may be the best epoxy brand for you. Made specifically for deep pours, Mas Deep Pour Epoxy is ideal for casting, encapsulating, and molding applications. This high-quality epoxy is a two-component, 100% solid formula resistant to scratches and yellowing. Available in 1.3-quart, 1.3-gallon, and 4-gallon sizes, the Mas Deep Pour Epoxy casts between 0.5-inch to 1-inch or more.

As a slow-cure epoxy resin, the Mas Deep Pour Epoxy cures within 24 to 36 hours at 70°F. Once fully cured, the epoxy resin will feature a glassy finish with an extended gel time. The increased gel time helps minimize exotherm and improve air release during the application process.

Note that there are several factors to consider when seeking a maximum casting thickness. The workspace temperature, mixing quantity, material temperature, and project dimensions may affect the epoxy’s ability to cast deep pours. For best results, do not exceed a 0.5” casting thickness for a full mixed 1.3-gallon kit. Similarly, avoid exceeding 1” for a half mixed kit. If you desire thicker castings, consider pouring multiple layers of epoxy.

Keep in mind that this brand of epoxy is an advanced deep pour epoxy resin system. Do not attempt to pour this epoxy in working temperatures above 75°F. Additionally, avoid pouring a large quantity of epoxy in one area, as this may lead to shrinking and yellowing. Be sure to carefully follow the casting instructions, as Mas Deep Pour Epoxy is a sensitive epoxy product.

5. Floral Epoxy by The Epoxy Resin Store

If you’re seeking a high-quality epoxy for item-casting and thick, bubble-free pours, Floral Epoxy by The Epoxy Resin Store may just be the perfect product for you. This epoxy resin is a 3:1 mix, 100% polyamine-based epoxy system that results in high-gloss casting applications.

The Floral Epoxy is specifically designed for projects requiring a deep pour of up to 3-inches. It features low viscosity (150cps.) and minimal yellowing, as well as low exotherm to ensure safety. This product is a slow-cure epoxy that requires 24 to 48 hours at room temperature to fully cure.

While the Floral Epoxy is specifically designed for large castings, it is an excellent option for countless projects. Floral Epoxy offers a shiny, high-gloss finish to applications such as riverbed pours, jewelry, floral arrangements, fake water applications, and sealing projects.

Floral Epoxy by The Epoxy Resin Store may also be used for embedding and castings in which micro-bubbles and heat are generally an issue. No matter what type of project you plan on tackling, the Floral Epoxy guarantees a smooth application and glossy finish.

6. Superclear Liquid Glass

Casting deep pours is never an issue when it comes to working with Superclear Liquid Glass epoxy resin. With the ability to cast 2 to 4 inches in a single pouring, Superclear Liquid Glass is the perfect product for deep-pour projects. In addition to boasting a glossy, crystal-clear finish, this epoxy brand is extremely durable and long-lasting.

The Superclear Liquid Glass is extremely stable and heat resistant to prevent warping and flexing in the structure. Moreover, this epoxy’s unique formula prevents yellowing from occurring to promote a clear appearance for longer periods. Featuring a thin viscosity, Superclear Liquid Glass features a practically bubble-less finish with very few imperfections.

Superclear Liquid Glass is ideal for countless projects, ranging from river tables and live-edges to art pieces and even small jewelry. Because this product features incredible transparency, it is compatible with mica powder pigments, liquid pigments, and alcohol inks and dyes.

Made with only the highest-grade premium ingredients and UV additives, Superclear Liquid Glass produces glossy finishes for various projects. Its smooth application and exceptionally deep pours make Superclear Liquid Glass one of the best epoxy resins for unparalleled depth and beauty.

7. Upstart Epoxy Deep Pour

While Upstart Epoxy is a fairly new brand, it is proving to be a very promising brand for high-quality, easy-to-use epoxy resins. One of the many resins produced by Upstart Epoxy is a deep pour formula for various projects. The Upstart Epoxy Deep Pour allows for a depth of up to 2-inches, making it a fantastic option for applications such as furniture, countertops, art, and jewelry.

Because this brand of epoxy has a very low chemical heat reaction during the curing process, you can benefit from deeper pours and a longer working time during application. Once cured, the epoxy is extremely durable and resistant to scratches, stains, and yellowing.

Unlike other brands of epoxy resin, Upstart Epoxy is bubble-free, non-flammable, odorless, non-toxic, and food-safe. With a 2:1 mixing ratio, this epoxy is easy to mix and apply on surfaces. Everything you need for application is included, such as the hardener, brush, spatula, and stirring sticks.

The Upstart Epoxy Deep Pour is easy to tint with mica powder, alcohol ink, and liquid pigments. The finish’s ultra-glossy, crystal-like technology enhances the appearance of numerous materials, including wood, stone, metal, ceramic, and concrete.

8. Total Boat Thickset Deep Pour

If you’re searching for a premium quality deep pour epoxy resin system for your DIY projects, Total Boat Thickset Deep Pour is an excellent option to consider. Great for river tables, live-edge slab tables, deep resin molds, art casting, embedding, encapsulating, and more, this product adds a glossy finish to numerous items. This self-leveling formula features an easy-to-use 3:1 mix ratio that pours 2-inches thick in small molds and 1-inch thick in large molds.

Because the Total Boat Thickset Deep Pour has a low odor and low VOC, it is an ideal epoxy for indoor use. Once the epoxy cures, it is BPA-free, making it safer for coming in contact with food. Because this epoxy is food-safe, it is often used on tables, countertops, and other surfaces that come in direct contact with food.

Featuring a crystal-clear finish, this resin is easy to tint with mica powder, alcohol ink, or concentrated liquid pigments. After curing, the surface becomes waterproof and resistant to damage. Its stunning appearance makes it an excellent product for bar tops, jewelry, kitchen islands, and much more.

The thickness of the project depends on the size mold you’re using. When working with smaller molds such as for jewelry, you may pour 1 to 2-inches thick. Larger projects, such as epoxy river tables and slabs require 1/2 to 1-inch depth. Pouring any deeper than this may cause yellowing, cracks, and shrinkage to occur.

9. Incredible Solutions Pourable Plastic

If you’re new to using epoxy resin, Incredible Solutions Pourable Plastic may be the ideal product for you. With every kit comes detailed instructions, as well as everything you need to mix the 2:1 mixture. The epoxy is also compatible with mica pigment powder if you desire to enhance your projects with some color.

The Incredible Solutions Pourable Plastic features a deep pour of 2-inches for projects such as river tables, live edges, embedding, and casting applications. Its smooth application and performance allow for minimal bubbles and a glossy finish. While most epoxies yellow over time, the Incredible Solutions Pourable Plastic is UV resistant to eliminate yellowing. Note that it is not recommended to leave epoxy projects in direct sunlight, as the finish may experience yellowing.

Because this product handles a pouring depth of up to 2-inches, it is a slow-curing epoxy with a low heat exotherm. This allows you to work with the epoxy for a longer amount of time before the resin begins curing.

Incredible Solutions Pourable Plastic is an inexpensive epoxy resin for numerous projects. Whether you’re new to using epoxy or you’re a seasoned epoxy pro, Incredible Solutions Pourable Plastic is an excellent product for deep epoxy pours. Its crystal-clear appearance adds a touch of elegance to jewelry, bar tops, river tables, live edges, serving trays, coffee tables, and many other items.

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