Recommended Epoxies

Different epoxies have different uses. Although you can make most work with any project, there are types that are made to do certain things (i.e. pour deep, no bubbles, fast dry). I have decided to take my single favorite for each and list it here. If you want more options or a more in-depth review of each please see this post I did about this.

Best Epoxy for DIY River Tables

EcoPoxy Liquid Plastic:

See EcoPoxy here.

Reasons To Love It:

  • Pour thickness: 1.5″
  • Durability: Commercial Grade
  • Other Places to Buy:  using this finder you can search for local vendors!

Best Epoxies for Countertops

While I try to choose a single best epoxy for any given task, countertops has two. Why? Because both are amazing. I have a top, but I also have a slightly more affordable option that I also love.

Leggari Custom Counter Kit

See Leggari Here.

Reasons I Love It:

  • High Quality. Seriously, you would think it was granite or marble.
  • Great Custom and Pre-Made Options. Not a designer? Not a problem.
  • Insanely Good Videos. Honestly, you won’t even need my step-by-step guide with these around.

Countertop Epoxy

See Countertop Here.

Reasons I Love It:

  • Custom Colors. There are sooo many options!
  • A Little More Affordable. If you’re on a tight budget, every bit matters. I promise you will still have a stunning countertop.
  • Best UV Resistance. If you have a lot of natural light, this should be the top choice.

The Best Epoxy for Coating Table/Bar Tops

Pro Marine Table Top Epoxy

See ProMarine Epoxy here.

Reasons To Love It:

  • Self-leveling well to make these appear great without ruining the top.
  • Fits into divots really well!
  • I also love how it is UV resistant – important for anything that will see a lot of sunlight!

Best Epoxy Resins for Art and Jewelry

Art Resin

See ArtResin here.

Reasons To Love It:

  • Super Clear
  • Affordable
  • Comes in smaller quantities
  • Made for art

Best Epoxy Resin for Garage Floors

Colored Epoxies

See ColoredEpoxies here.

Reasons To Love It:

  • Top used, trusted, and rated
  • Super durable
  • Tons of resources and how-to’s
  • Cost efficient
  • Pre colored – saves a TON of time when using this much