Does a Mitre Saw Need To Be Mounted?

Mitre saws are a versatile option for your garage, basement, or outdoor workspace. They can give the flexibility to make all kinds of different cuts at various angles. But do mitre saws need to be mounted?

Mitre saws technically don’t need to be mounted, but it’s much safer if they are. Some people use them on the ground or a table without mounting them, but this can be extremely dangerous, and I don’t recommend it.

This article will examine why mitre saws should be mounted and some alternatives to mounting them to keep you safe while using mitre saws.

Can You Use a Mitre Saw Without Mounting It?

Mitre saws come in numerous shapes and sizes from many different brands. They are fantastic tools that allow you to work on various projects and are relatively easy to use. We often see mitre saws mounted on tables, but can you use a mitre saw without mounting it?

A mitre saw will work on the ground or table without mounting it. The problem is that the mitre saw tends to move around a lot when making your cuts if it’s not securely in place. So while you can use it without mounting it, some serious risks are involved.

Mitre saws are heavy-duty tools that must stay secure for you to use them safely. But many people want to bring the mitre saw to different areas of their garage or backyard. It is tempting to use a mitre saw without mounting it; some people even put them on the floor.

But doing so is extremely dangerous, and you could wind up in the hospital if you don’t follow basic safety standards.

Here are some safety considerations that you must keep in mind when using a mitre saw:

  • The mitre saw needs to stay in place.
  • The mitre saw should always be used at waist level.
  • Make sure that there is good lighting in your workspace.

If you follow these basic safety standards in addition to some others, you’ll be able to produce outstanding results without risking your fingers or other body parts.

Purchase a Stand for Your Mitre Saw

One option that gives you a little more flexibility than mounting your mitre saw permanently onto a table is to buy a stand for it. There are so many options for mitre saw stands, and many of them are portable.

You’ll want to ensure the stand you buy stays firmly in place. They must include locking wheels or reliable grips on the bottom. These features prevent the stand from moving while you use the mitre saw.

So if you want to bring the saw around to different locations or parts of your garage or home, these are fantastic choices for having your mitre saw in a secure place but still have some flexibility.

Choose a brand you trust and find a portable option that suits your needs. The Bosch Gravity-Rise Miter Saw Stand  (available on is an excellent option that you can buy. It can match up with just about any mitre saw you own and has quick-release mounting hardware that gives you a less permanent option for mounting your mitre saw.

Try Building a Stand for Your Mitre Saw

If you don’t want to spend money buying a stand for your mitre saw, there’s no need to worry. There are options out there for you without having to spend money on a brand new product. If you are more of a D.I.Y. type of person, build your stand for your mitre saw. There are ways that you can do this and still have some flexibility for where you bring your mitre saw.

Not only can you build your mitre saw stand, but it doesn’t mean it has to stay in one place all the time. But, of course, you can still have all the portability you would if you didn’t mount your mitre saw, and you can do it all yourself in the comfort of your home!

Here’s a video from Crafted Workshop about how to make your portable mitre saw stand:

Not only do you have the portability you would if you didn’t mount your mitre saw, but you have a safe and secure workspace. You can take it to different parts of your garage, yard, or neighbor’s house but still use it without risking cutting off your fingers.

Use Clamps for Your Mitre Saw

Another safe option for keeping your mitre saw in place while still giving you the chance to move it from one place to another is to use clamps for your saw.

Clamps rather than mounting allow you to move your mitre saw from one place to another without lugging a large stand around. This way, you can just take the saw and the clamps and place them on any safe table or flat surface you want to use.

The nice part about making clamps is that you can take them on and off as you please. It is much easier to carry your mitre saw and a couple of small clamps between jobs than to take a large stand. So this allows you to put it in the back of your truck or trunk of a smaller car and bring it from job to job with much more ease.

Here’s a video from Flowering Elbow about how to build your mitre saw clamps:

Final Thoughts

Using a miter stand without fastening it to a table or workbench is tempting, especially if you know you’ll need to move it later. However, to safely operate a mitre saw, you must have it firmly secured.

Using this powerful tool, you can still have a portable choice for your mitre saw and maintain a safe working environment. Some of the ways that you can safely use the mitre saw without having it in one fixed location are:

  • Buy a mitre saw stand.
  • Build a stand.
  • Make clamps.

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