Cost to Buy an Epoxy River Table? A Complete Analysis

Epoxy river tables have hit the market fast and strong. Hundreds of sellers have begun offering these, from affordable prices all the way to new car prices. If you are considering the purchase of an epoxy table, you are without a doubt mesmerized by the unique beauty and customization that these hold. Every part of these tables can be shaped to be your dream table, but as with anything, the price can be quite variable.

How much does it cost to buy an epoxy table? A review of over 100 sellers has been conducted, and the lowest cost you can get a well-made, large epoxy river table is $1,500, and the high end can surpass $20,000. This price varies due to size, wood species, location, epoxy brand, customization, and artist. 

Sometimes what you pay for is what you get, while other times you may be able to get a good deal on something. This will vary from brand to brand and shop to shop. I have done analysis on what the costs associated are and what drives the pricing – for more information keep reading. 

Costs of Buying an Epoxy River Table: The Breakdown

As mentioned above, there are many factors that contribute to the costs of purchasing an epoxy table. The range is vast, much more than most goods will have in their costs. This is due to differences mainly in sizing and labor. The best labor will have experience and resources available. The materials used will not always have a “best” as much as a preference – however some preferences (such as nice/large wood) run more expensive than others. 


One of the main factors that contributes to an epoxy river tables price is the sizing. This is a more obvious factor, as the materials are going to cost more. Wood is most often sold by board foot, which means that the larger piece you get, the more it costs. Cutting down on wood and using more epoxy may seem like a good option, but depending on the brand and depth of the table this can be a comparable price to the wood. 

Wood Species

Wood species does not tend to be the largest factor in differentiating the price, however it does make a difference. For instance, black walnut – while still beautiful – usually is less expensive than something like a birdseye maple. This cost comes down to a lot of factors such as the area you live (what is sourceable), age of the wood, the beauty of the grain, and supply available. Looking for wood that is local or in high-supply can help you cut down on the cost of the table that you are getting.

Epoxy Brand

This can easily be one of the largest factors in the cost of buying an epoxy table. While some may be a lot cheaper, you may not have a say in this. Most creators already have a specific brand that they use depending on the project so this will fit into the total price. In general – you get what you pay for. If you are not looking for a deep pour, you can get away with less expensive epoxies and should still be able to make it look great overall. For more information on epoxy costs and uses, check out my post here


Customization is not usually a huge price increase when buying an epoxy river table. Most of the time, the price will vary more on size/material, while customization will be included. The only time this is not true for intricate details, shapes, sizes, molds, or features that are outside a “normal table”. Since every river table is custom and unique, customization is a natural step with purchasing one. 

Artist Price

The creator of the table is, by far, the most expensive part of purchasing an epoxy river table. This price is well deserved. Epoxy tables can take a couple of weeks to finish, even for a professional. Curing, planing, sanding, pouring, getting every detail perfect – this comes only with experience and time. While you can often find cheaper labor, this is where you do not want to cheap out. Not only do they bring the experience, they also have the tools, space, and access to wood and epoxy that you may be unable to get. The better the artist, the better the table.


This is similar to wood species, but has a lot to do with material and availability. Some epoxies may not be available in every country. Because this is a growing trend, it has not reached everywhere. If you live somewhere rural, it may be hard to find a local artist, so adding to your expenses would be shipping and time. Your location, and the artist location, can cause each piece to add up in cost. While this is unfortunate, the internet and sites like Etsy have made it possible to shop from anywhere and receive a fair price. 

Top Epoxy Table Makers

It would be impossible to list every great epoxy table maker out there currently, but here are a few favorites of mine. These are some of the artists that inspire my own work as well as tons of other people’s work. Keep in mind these are not all my favorite epoxy artists, just some of the ones that are table-specific innovators and are constantly improving the community. 

Black Forest Wood Co.

If you have been keeping up with epoxy river tables for any amount of time, you probably have seen something by Black Forest Wood Co. They have massive followings on both their Instagram and YouTube accounts, so much so that they make almost exclusively custom builds for high-end clients. With incredible videos, tips, explanations, and access to any tools necessary – this is a top creator for anything related to epoxy tables. 

UnTreated ART

UnTreated ART has a big claim to fame – the first fractal waterfall and estuary tables. If you want to see some amazing and beautiful works – head over to the Instagram where you can see the process behind the pieces. Fractal burning is certainly different, and new overall even in the world of river tables. This is a bold look, but it is creative enough to build a massive following and having many people learn the art. 

Black Tail Studio

Black Tail Studio, like many of these creators, does more than just tables. The Instagram feed reveals any type of furniture, guns, and even a kitchen mallet. One of the reasons I love following the Black Tail Studio social media accounts is the openness of process. Showing how each piece is made, even when it is done in a non-traditional way is great for inspiring others who may not feel like they have the tools or money to do this type of work. 

Jeff Mack Designs

Jeff Mack Designs is another creator with a massive Instagram following. This a great feed due to stunning photography and innovation. If you want a really great picture of an epoxy table – this is the first place you should check. The feed is littered with not only gorgeous tables, but innovative design solutions from across the board. 

While I could continue to list amazing artists, there are too many to put in a single blog post (but maybe one day I will try). I hope this is enough to inspire you and give you a starting point at which to find your own favorite and inspiring artists (or to become one!). 

Is an Epoxy River Table Worth the Price?

If you have read this post, you will have to come to your own decision. Epoxy tables are incredibly expensive pieces of furniture, but can add elements to a home that nothing else truly can. 

Is an epoxy river table worth the price? If you are able to afford it, epoxy tables are definitely worth the price. They add a unique beauty that is unmatched in other furniture. There is also the ability to customize them, adding to your rooms feng shui. The table will add an element of “wow” that can only be achieved through incredible art. 

Damien Madeira

Damien has been doing woodworking for the last 5 years. He began as a hobbyist with hand tools and slowly worked his way up to own larger machines and mill rough wood into beautiful creations. While still considering himself a hobbyist, he has a passion for woodworking and enjoys working with epoxy as well.

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