Best Epoxy Resin for Ashtrays

Epoxy resin is a great, versatile tool that enables you to make crafts and designs in many different shapes. One of the most common things to make is ashtrays, as they are simple and can look great with many colors. It is important to use proper materials for ashtrays, as they will need to withstand higher heat than most epoxy resin projects.

As a rule of thumb, for ashtrays it is good to use epoxy resin that is capable of handling high temperatures. Getting a brand that is used as a countertop epoxy resin, or looking for a polyurethane or polyester resin will be the best options for making ashtrays.

If you have never made an epoxy resin ashtray, you have come to the right place. Here is everything you need to keep in mind on picking out the resin for the job.

Epoxy Resin Heat Resistance

It is important to understand how epoxy resin holds up to heat when making this decision. Not all epoxy resins are the same, however most epoxy resins are very similar by nature.

In general, most epoxy resin brands are not capable of holding up to high heat. The average epoxy resin will hold up to between 150 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Oftentimes, a fresh cup of coffee is enough to cause epoxy resin to be ruined. 

Heat of a Cigarette for Epoxy Resin

Understanding cigarettes (or cigars, or other ashtray items) are the other key factor in what you need to look for in epoxy. Cigarette ashes will cool down almost immediately after being shaken off, however the lit end of the cigarette is still very hot. If your ashtray does not need to hold a cigarette, you can get away with just about any epoxy.

A cigarette’s lit end is typically around 400 degrees Fahrenheit when sitting, and can get up to 700 to 900 degrees when taking a draw. This means you should try to get an epoxy resin that can withstand heat of up to 400+ degrees Fahrenheit in order to prevent damage to the tray.

Top Epoxy Resins for Ashtrays

These are my top two picks for epoxy resin for ashtrays. Since ashtrays are rarely clear, I don’t worry as much about minor bubbles being left in, however you can prevent bubbles in more ways than just the brand. These two epoxy resins will provide adequate heat resistance – leaving you with a lasting ashtray.

FX Epoxy – Countertop Epoxy

FX Epoxy by Countertop Epoxy is my top recommendation for ashtrays. This is because it is super clear, and it is able to withstand heats of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. With this durability, you can pretty much guarantee that you won’t have damage to your ashtrays as long as you are not taking a draw while pressing the lit end against the epoxy.

Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy

Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy is my second choice for making epoxy resin ashtrays. It boasts a strong 450 degree heat resistance, making it a safe second for high heat applications. Being made for countertops, Stone Coat is also known for high durability and beautiful finishes. 


Epoxy ashtrays are a beautiful item to create, gift, sell, or use. I definitely enjoy the process and differences that each one has that makes it unique. It is a great project for a beginner, as well as a staple of many seasoned epoxy workers. I would suggest trying to use top-quality epoxy when doing this to avoid damage to the ashtray or possible negative health effects.

Damien Madeira

Damien has been doing woodworking for the last 5 years. He began as a hobbyist with hand tools and slowly worked his way up to own larger machines and mill rough wood into beautiful creations. While still considering himself a hobbyist, he has a passion for woodworking and enjoys working with epoxy as well.

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