8 Best Mica Powder Pigments for Your Epoxy Resin (Updated 2022)

Mica powder pigments continue to reign as the top source for coloring epoxy resin today. With many new products on the market, sometimes it is overwhelming to choose the right one. Still, there are some that undoubtedly stand above the rest.

The top 8 mica pigments for your next epoxy resin project are: 

  • Black Diamond Pigments
  • Baltic Day Pigments
  • Art Pro Pigments
  • Eye Candy Customz
  • Pearl Ex Pigments
  • EcoPoxy Metallic Pigments
  • MEYSPRING Two Tone
  • Phoenix Pigments (non-mica powder option)

I have tested out over a dozen different mica pigment powders in order to give some of my top choices. Most epoxy resins will react similarly to mica pigments, but there can be differences – particularly in color choices and particle sizes. If you want your next epoxy resin project to look like a professional work of art using high-quality mica powder pigments, continue reading this list. 

1 – Black Diamond Pigments

Above all other pigments, one really stands out for having the most unique color options and most loyal customers – Black Diamond Pigments. Black Diamond Pigments continues to release new, amazing colors that epoxy resin artists rightfully swarm to. If you have been watching videos or seeing pictures of river tables, chances are you have seen their pigments in action (whether you know it or not). 

There is very little reason not to work with Black Diamond Pigments, they are affordable at just slightly more than the average pigments, but well-worth a little extra investment in order to get the perfect color for your project. I use these for most of my river pieces. It would not surprise me if their Caribbean Blue was the most used pigment for river tables.

2 – Baltic Day Pigments

Baltic Day continues to gain a massive following – and for good reason. They have amazing colors and a variety pack that could outmatch just about any competitor. With a competitive price point and beautiful color options, there really is not much that could go wrong. 

Something I love about Baltic Day is that they do not just have one audience – their user base consists of fluid artists, woodworkers, jewelry makers, and everything in-between. While I have not extensively used Baltic Day to know all of their colors, that is probably because they have so many to choose from.

3 – EcoPoxy Metallic Pigments

If you are accustomed to making epoxy resin art, you have almost definitely heard of EcoPoxy. EcoPoxy has some of the best epoxy resin products on the market – and their mica powder pigments are no different. The metallic pigments that EcoPoxy boasts are some of the most enjoyable on the market. While a metallic color is not always what you are going for, if you are looking for it these are perfect. 

I love seeing EcoPoxy’s colors in different pieces – particularly river tables, guitars, or other functional art. The shimmer put off by the metallic pigments really adds a dynamic layer to the epoxy that is not often found in other pigments.

4 – Art Pro Pigments

As the name suggests, Art Pro Pigments are just that – pigments for artists. They have great variety packs that allow you to try out any color you could possibly want. I love the variety, but also enjoy that all the colors seem to work well together – you could make art with any combination and it would still come out looking incredible. 

5 – Eye Candy Customz Mica Powder

Eye Candy Customz is another brand of mica powder pigments that is gaining a lot of traction. While they do not have quite the same variety as some of the larger brands, there is definitely no shortage of colors and options to choose from. This is especially true when it comes to the most popular mica powder pigment colors used on woodworking projects.

If I had to compare using Eye Candy Customz to a single brand, it would be Black Diamond Pigments. Both boast a large selection of unique colors that can be used to make some stunning pieces. I like that Eye Candy Customz stands out from normal mica powder pigments – their colors really have a unique style that stands out and will help you “wow” anyone who sees your handiwork.

6 – Pearl Ex Mica Pigments

Pearl Ex is a time-tested brand that has maintained popularity among epoxy resin artists. Pearl Ex has been around longer than many of the other brands, and is not necessarily geared towards epoxy resin – although that should not stop you from using it! It works great, mixes well, and leaves a vibrant color for your piece. 

Unlike most mica powders for epoxy resin, Pearl Ex comes in smaller bottles – so you can try out colors on big pieces before committing to larger orders. This can be advantageous if you are crafting a type of project that is new to you, if you are new to the industry in general, or if you simply want to make sure it is the right color match in real life.

7 – MEYSPRING Two Tone Pigments

MEYSPRING is a great alternative if you are looking for a more affordable, but unique pigment powder. They boast many unique colors like Olive Gold that you won’t find with other companies. MEYESPRING really does have a two-tone shade that is more bold than most pigments, which can help give your resin a strong swirl.

8 – Phoenix Pigments (Non Mica Powder)

Phoenix Pigments may be one of the newest on the list, but it is definitely not one that should be overlooked. Phoenix Pigments are not actually mica powder – which begs the question of why it’s on this list, and rightfully so. I thought it would be good to give an alternative option, but also wanted to raise awareness of what they are doing. 

Phoenix Pigments are polymer-based which means that the pigments dissolve more fully into epoxy resin. This also means that they should not be used in other things that mica powder is commonly used in (soaps, clays, etc…) because it will not dissolve the same way. This is great for epoxy resin artists who want to push the traditional boundaries – you can achieve a translucent effect of liquid dyes, but with the precision measurement of powder. 

While I have yet to try all the Phoenix Pigment colors, the Merlot color is my favorite so far. I’ve used the Merlot color for serving trays and game boards and love how it comes out every time. For an interesting twist that is still high-quality, this company knows what it is doing.

Damien Madeira

Damien has been doing woodworking for the last 5 years. He began as a hobbyist with hand tools and slowly worked his way up to own larger machines and mill rough wood into beautiful creations. While still considering himself a hobbyist, he has a passion for woodworking and enjoys working with epoxy as well.

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