Do I Need Saw Horses?

Saw horses are used in construction sites to support material for cutting. They are essential because they enable workers to perform their job safely and efficiently. Saw horses are made from a thick, strong material, usually metal, plastic, or wood. 

You need saw horses to hold wood pieces while cutting or drilling. You can also use them to support the workpiece while sanding or machining. Saw horses come in many shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.

The most common saw horse is the rectangular-shaped one with either square or round crossbars at the top of the frame. This saw horse type is easy to use, and you can easily move it around the workspace. Read on to learn everything you need to know about saw horses.

Functions of Saw Horses

Carpenters, contractors, and designers use saw horses to support workpieces while they cut them. You can also use a saw horse in the home as a makeshift workbench when you don’t have the space for one.

Saw horses are essential for all types of carpentry, but you can also use them for other purposes, such as supporting a door or window frame during installation. 

While saw horses are typically made from wood and metal, they can also be made from other materials such as plastic or aluminum. They come in various sizes and shapes and are available in portable and stationary models.

Saw horses are used in woodworking for the following purposes:

Stabilizing the Workpiece

Saw horses provide support when working with heavy objects, such as logs or large pieces of lumber that may have unstable angles. The saw horse offers extra stability for the workpiece, so it will not tip over while cutting or shaping it with a saw. They are designed to provide a stable, flat surface on which to work. 

Other purposes include:

  • A stand-alone support when working with larger pieces of wood.
  • A support for pieces of wood that need to be cut or shaped.
  • Provide more than one cutting plane while cutting through an object.
  • Hold the heavy pieces of wood while sawing them into smaller pieces.
  • Hold up a large piece of lumber while sawing it into smaller pieces.

Why Saw Horses Are Important

A saw horse is a versatile tool for most types of projects and can be used in many different ways. Whether you’re building a deck, adding a new coat of paint to your home, or just needing something to prop up your furniture, this tool is perfect.

This tool comes in many shapes and designs, and you can purchase it from most hardware stores or construct your own. Some saw horses have wheels that make them easier to move around on uneven surfaces.

Generally, saw horses are essential in woodworking because they allow woodworkers to work on their workpieces efficiently. They provide a stable surface for the woodworker to work on. They are important for both beginners and experienced woodworkers. 

The saw horse can be used as a base for the following:

  • cutting
  • shaping
  • sanding, and more

In addition, it is possible to use a saw horse as a jig or template. The saw horse is also essential when working with hand tools such as planes and chisels. It helps you to work faster and more efficiently.

When a woodworker needs to use a saw to cut something, they can use this tool as a makeshift ladder. They usually need to stand on top of the saw horse to get the best possible angle, which is why the woodworker needs to have a stable platform that can be adjusted for height.

Saw horses can be used as:

  • a workbench
  • a cutting board
  • an assembly table 

They are essential because they help to make cutting and shaping easier for woodworkers. Saw horses also provide stability and safety for the woodworker when using different types of saws, such as 

  • table saws
  • miter saws
  • circular saws
  • handsaws
  • or jigsaws.

Check out this Amazon Basics Folding Sawhorse that comes in a set of two professional saw horses that can hold up to 900 pounds (408 kg). It is best for home-based projects and professional construction. Some of its safety features include:

  • Locking braces
  • Non-slip feet
  • Fold-out stoppers

Factors to Consider When Choosing Saw Horses

Saw horses are a necessary tool for woodworkers, but there are some factors that you should consider before choosing one.

  • Safety: Saw horses can be dangerous if they are not used properly. They can slip and cause serious injuries when they fall on your foot or back. Your saw horse should be strong enough to hold the material you are working with.
  • Stability: Saw horses must be stable to avoid toppling when using them. Having a strong and sturdy saw horse is crucial before working with it.
  • Size: The size of the saw horse is crucial because it will determine how big of a project you can work on at once and how much weight it can safely hold while using it.
  • Weight Capacity: The weight capacity of the saw horse is also essential because different types of projects require different tools, which means that some saw horses might not be able to hold too much weight.
  • Height: The height of a saw horse can limit how you work on your woodworking projects. If you need to work with a long, thin piece of wood, then it is recommended that you find a longer saw horse with a higher height.
  • Durability: The durability of saw horses is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing one. A durable saw horse will last longer and be more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Portability: Saw horses should be portable, so you can quickly move them from one place to another. They are a helpful tool for construction work and can be used in areas where it’s difficult to transport heavy workbenches.
  • Material: Saw horses can be made of metal, plastic, or wood. While plastic is cheaper and easier to store, it is not as strong as wooden or metallic ones. Wooden and metallic saw horses are usually stronger and more durable.

Tips for Using Saw Horse Tables

Saw horses are an excellent tool for building wooden structures. They are easy to transport and can be used for many different projects. You can use them to construct anything from small tables to large pieces of furniture, and they are also suitable for outdoor projects such as decks and fences.

If you have a woodworking project coming up, the saw horse is an essential tool in your arsenal. A saw horse is an indispensable tool for woodworkers and DIYers. However, they are not always the most practical option for all projects. 

Here are some tips on how to use them properly:

  • Make sure the saw horse is sturdy enough to support your weight and that it won’t collapse under you if you lean against it or place heavy material on top.
  • Place the saw horse on a level surface.
  • Check that the edges of the saw horse are square and level with one another.
  • Make sure that the size of the saw horse is appropriate for your project.
  • Use only one hand to hold the board in place while cutting with the other hand to help you keep your balance and avoid slipping off the board while cutting.
  • Place your foot on top of the board to steady yourself when cutting.

Final Thoughts

Saw horses have multiple functions, making them an essential tool for carpenters and woodworkers. They allow carpenters to work on a piece of lumber without using their hands or having to use clamps or other tools that could damage the lumber. Furthermore, saw horses also help ensure that the material is held properly while cutting it.

Damien Madeira

Damien has been doing woodworking for the last 5 years. He began as a hobbyist with hand tools and slowly worked his way up to own larger machines and mill rough wood into beautiful creations. While still considering himself a hobbyist, he has a passion for woodworking and enjoys working with epoxy as well.

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